Jeffry Schneider’s Success as Attributed to Proper Wellness Programs

Jeffrey Schneider attributes his adequate planning of wellness program in an organization to have earned him great success. He is significantly known for having developed plans that have led to tremendous growth of his organization. Among the wellness programs he has designed that have propelled him to exponential growth in the financial world include the following:

Rich benefits for his employees

  • Education on how to maintain proper health
  • Motivation talks
  • Health catering which involves fresh whole food catering
  • Learning sessions on topics that revolve around nutrition, energy management, and healthy snacks
  • Time management at work
  • Socializing with people around the working environment.
  • Eating plant foods keeps you in good health and prevents you against infections
  • Attending gym sessions
  • Reading books
  • Hard work and doing what you love most

Further, Jeffry Schneider believes his success emanates from formulating proper wellness programs for his workers. Jeffry is proud of the progress he has accomplished so far.

In this dynamic world, a wellness program to the employees is the current trend amongst company workers. Monotonous workdays and monochrome cubicles necessitate the initiation of wellness program in an organization setting. The wellness programs ensure maximization of the best talent in an organization. The exercises conglomerates employees together to foster teamwork, boost their working morale and improve their productivity.

Below are several benefits of wellness programs in the workplace.

Wellness programs lower employee healthcare cost. The primary objective of every wellness program is to lead to behavior change. Provision of right education, skills, social support, motivation, equipment, and motivation may spur them to undergo behavior change positively for the betterment of their health. Reduction in health care cost is the primary benefit of adopting wellness programs. Healthy organization wellness programs reduce health risks and the probability of being affected by chronic diseases, stress, and depression. This leads to life satisfaction.

Increased productivity among employees. Poor health may cause frequent absenteeism from work, and this may catalyze poor or low productivity amongst the employed personnel. As a result, inability to use the available tools, distraction amongst fellow employees, tiredness or demoralization at work may reduce work productivity.

Wellness programs reduce absenteeism. Wellness programs reduce absenteeism through; having good health, proper stress control, healthy blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol and no obesity.

Wellness programs increase the retention of experienced employees and recruitment of right employees. Rich benefits programs spur retention and keep employees loyal to the company. Appreciating employees’ often improves their performance and keeps them in good health. Appreciation convinces them to stay around since they have a sense of belonging. Failure to do so will make them attracted somewhere else. Some benefits provided by Jeffrey Schneider to his staff had led to retention of skilled workforce.

Helps them sustain high working spirit. Employees’ morale is a significant factor that contributes either to the success or failure of a company. Proper wellness programs keep the employees happy and healthy always. Wellness programs that show respect to employees send a signal to them that you want them to succeed in life. Being motivated by a company boosts the ability to be creative, feel safe, solve problems and achieve personal set goals. Wellness programs that boost morale are essential in an organization.

Wellness programs enable employees to meet their needs, both physically, socially and emotionally. Every employee wants to feel loved and appreciated at all times. Proper wellness programs improve productivity, lead to remarkable customer care services, and create a conducive working environment.

A Final Thought:

Jeffrey Schneider’s heavy investment in wellness programs has contributed to his tremendous growth over time. His plans have also been of great help to his staff.