John Verne Explains the Key to Success

Josh Verne is a successful entrepreneur with more than two decades experience in establishing startups and selling businesses. He is the current CEO of Below are five points which he considers to be the backbone of leading a successful life and business.


Don’t Be a Boss, Be a Leader


Bosses focus on their best interests. They demand respect from their subjects and use their titles to achieve their goals.


A leader puts his people first. He involves his team in setting the goals of the business. He earns respect and uses it to accomplish the objectives.


For you to succeed, implement the leader’s approach. Do not force your will onto others. Putting your people first and serving those who follow you will enable you to accomplish anything.


Make Every Condition a Win-Win


Do not go for win-lose deals. Find ways of making all situations win-win; a win for you, for your clients and employees and as well as the society. Get the best solution that will satisfy all the stakeholders and this will build your reputation significantly.


Talk Less and Listen More


Speaking less gives your words more power. You become authoritative, and people pay attention whenever you want to say something. Listening will help you to learn from others and to understand situations surrounding your business.


Balance Your Life Aspects


Strive to acquire a reasonable amount of wealth, good health and decent relationships with your loved ones.


If you are very wealthy, but you have health or family issues, your life will be agonizing. Similarly, if you have a beautiful family and you are healthy but broke, all of you will suffer.


However, balancing is not spending an equivalent amount of time on every aspect. It is ensuring that you make some progress in all the areas in every day of your life


Discover Your Passion


According to Josh Verne, Most successful people do what they like. Do something that inspires you to create extra time for it. If you do some boring stuff, you will never discover self-actualization.