Kevin Seawright Is On A Mission To Provide Affordable Housing And Revitalize Communities

Developing affordable housing is a specialty of RPS Solutions and they have entered into a partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust also referred to as NCST.

The idea is to help Baltimore revitalize and stabilize their low and moderate-income communities. Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions is thrilled with the partnership and believes it will help make homes more affordable, boost the local economy, and sent the homeownership rate upwards. He believes the model used by NCST if effective and the partnership will be successful.

The NCST partnership is categorized within the Strategic Development Partner program for non-profit’s and should makes homes a lot more affordable for the buyers while contributing to a substantial increase in the homeownership rate.

The First Look acquisition program of NCTS has given community development organizations, local affordable housing organizations, and RPS Solutions the opportunity to acquire REO properties that are within their market areas. This will happen before broader marketing can occur.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright’s vision to strengthen his community in Baltimore, Maryland was responsible for the development of RPS Solutions in 2015. He worked very hard alongside his team to give individuals the help they needed to purchase homes. His goal is to see the residents of Baltimore far exceed the current rate for homeownership.

NCTS is classified as non-profit and the organization strives to rehabilitate properties that have been abandoned or left sitting vacant all over the United States. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

NCTS’s programs have been designed to facilitate home restoration, allow for safe demolition when it becomes necessary, and give their support to productively and creatively re-using any land left vacant. More than 23,000 properties have been conveyed by NCST to non-profit home purchasers throughout the United States since 2009.

Kevin Seawright has a lot of love for his community and wants to see every individual given the opportunity to develop their fullest potential. His mission is the creation of a society with more diversity enabling home ownership and a community that is thriving and healthy.

The partnership with NCST should be a significant asset due to both their renovations and construction of affordable homes.