Lori Senecal – Building More Than a Team

Lori Senecal is a renowned advertisement executive and the current Chief Executive of CP+B a global advertising agency. She is in charge of the company’s international offices and manages growth, productivity, and general operations. As CEO, she has transformed the company’s culture into that of collaboration, consistency, result consciousness and invention and innovation. The business has delivered tremendous growth focusing on localized services and products for the international markets.

Since 2015, Lori Senecal has enabled revenue growth in the company by 21%. She uses her creativity to create campaigns that generate value for the client and company. One such campaign is the Letgo campaign, where Lori led her team to develop Commercializer, a tool that enabled the classified-ad app users to create TV-style segments for used items. After the campaign, the app generated over 45 million downloads. She used an almost similar approach for the Kraft Mac & Cheese campaign and NBA 2K.

For Lori Senecal, the primary measure of success is the outcomes. She leverages the creativity and innovativeness of the team at CP+B to help her grow the business and succeed. Lori has learned the importance of investing in opportunities that allow employees to develop such as training and other educational opportunities. She believes in tapping employee ideas and feedback over always forcing her visions on them.

Lori is the former Global Chair and CEO of KBS+. During her time at KBS+, on the 3% Conference, she accorded her employees an opportunity to pursue a course in venture capital. Lori intended to awaken an entrepreneurial spirit amongst them for the greater good of the agency. Later, she held a competition at the company to crowd source ideas from the employees that could make operations efficient or improve general morale. The competition started as a means to encourage creativity and has since evolved into a platform that showcases events, product demonstrations, and events.

Advertising Week honored CP+B among the 2016 “Creative Innovators of the Year” and ranked it among the four 2016 Agency Executives to Watch. The company has also bagged significant accounts over the past year including Paypal, Hershey, and American Airlines. The company earned The Titanium Grand Prix award at the Cannes Lions Festival for the Domino’s campaign.