MB2 Dental is Unifying Dentistry

Dr.Chris Steven Villanueva is the creator of MB2 Dental. He is a practitioner with a vision, and he has experience as a dentist as well as a business provider. He understands that dental practitioners require help to run their businesses and his firm provides that support. MB2 Dental has over 70 affiliated locations in six different states with 533 employees and strives to deliver nothing short of excellent service at all times. MB2 Dental is an entirely new way to amp up the profit margins and helps to get dental offices running smoothly and without a hitch. It is a dentist-owned firm that is focused on personal growth, support, autonomy, and just having fun. This boils down to happier practitioners and a healthier business environment which also ultimately means more growth.

When Dr. Villanueva graduated, he realized that there were only a couple of options when it came to dentistry. You could either join a group practice or Chris Villanueva start a private practice. He thought it would be better to combine the benefits of both and this is how MB2 Dental was born. He believes that the focus should be on the patients and not on the many tasks of running a dentist office. He also feels that it can be beneficial to join with other like-minded practitioners in order to build a successful business.

MB2 Dental is proud to be in-the-know when it comes to the trends and standards of dentistry businesses. It is also a great environment for dentists to succeed and to learn from each other and is committed to keeping dentist in control of their practice. The owners of MB2 practices get to enjoy many perks as well such as bi-yearly retreats where they can collaborate with other dentists. MB2 Dental is creating an empire of dentists who are helping to support each other and to keep control in their own hands. It is a win-win for the dentist as well as the patients. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that self-reflection is an important quality to have and he like to push himself and to come up with new and exciting ideas. He also likes to challenge the day-to-day concept of life and to make it better. If he hadn’t indulged his ideas of a better dental business, MB2 would not have been founded, and dental offices would still be the same and uninspiring places that we’re used to.

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