Mexican Omar Yunes is the best franchisee of the world!

Omar Yunes, a Franchisee of Sushi Itto, has won the contest for,“Best Franchisee of the world (BFW)”, that he took home in December of 2016 in Florence, Italy, for his contributions in representing his brand. He turned into a franchisee in the Japanese food market at just 21 years old and now is an owner of 13 franchise units, located in the Mexican cities of Puebla and Veracruz.

In a quote regarding his award, he stated,”I feel very proud of myself. I myself am the representative, but the reality is that this is also an award of the 400 collaborators of the 13 franchises that I run and the brand that has allowed us to innovate.”

The 2015 edition of BFW included the participations of 34 countries, among the many were: Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. In it, the franchisee was evaluated and his effect on the network- not to the brand- In aspects such as: how much influenced has there been in the network, contributions in terms of knowledge, savings that have been implemented, motivation of employees and, how much invoice and improvements have been proposed to the model.

According to Diego Elizarrarrás, organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar – who also won the first place in the national qualifier – won the highest award because he has acted as an important change in the factor in franchisor-franchisee relationship, achieving a better management of the information and implementing control boards that help to have clearer measurements of each unit.

In this regard, Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, commented that “we consider these awards as a manifestation of the joint effort to offer our customers excellent service, a remarkable taste, and unique hospitality.”

For Elizarrarás, this award speaks of a strong sector in the country that has won in its own right a great place at the international level, leaving behind the days when Mexican franchises were a regional affair.

Iván Tamer, franchisee of Prendamex, won the second place in the Mexican chapter, thanks to the implementation and provision of tools to achieve a new marketing system that today manages the entire network of pawn shops. “He has contributed to the development of the franchise and has established parameters that stand out in our network,” said Patricia Campos, franchise manager of the brand.

The jury for the Mexican chapter was composed of representatives of the Universidad Anáhuac, the Mexican Association of Franchises, entrepreneurs of the sector and Entrepreneur.