Migrating To NuoDB Is Now Easier Than Ever

Since its inception, NuoDB was designed to be a dynamic, powerful and simplified database product. The database had been designed to adapt to constantly changing hardware and software demands. Services will now be served on demand, even in the event of hardware failure.

NuoDB is the only product on the market to specifically be designed to be implemented on distributed computing networks. Also known as cloud technology, distributed computing will allow for increased database request efficiency and a preventative of system failures. Since it is hosted on an array of computers, the more hardware added to the cluster will only make it go faster.

The fact that NuoD is based on SQL technology, much of the syntax from other SQL systems are compatible. Users of MySQL or Microsoft’s SQL software will have no issues migrating.

NuoDB had originally been named NimbusDB, but the team decided that NuoDB was a slicker name. After their name change, they had also been approved for a patent within the United States in 2012. After receiving the patent, they also had a round of fundraising that amounted to over $17 billion in capital. Venture capital firms have favored the database company and have since raised over $59 million for them.