NewsWatch TV Review Segment for Contour Design Reaches Millions

Repetitive stress injuries of the hands and wrists for those that have to work at a computer almost daily, now have an option to relieve their pain. Contour Design created an ultimate ergonomic PC workstation that is designed to prevent any recurrence of strain. The company needed a savvy marketing plan to attract the right audience at the right time.

Contour contacted NewsWatch TV to produce a review segment that will increase exposure for their innovative product. The NewsWatch crew’s segment was broadcasted to over 95 million American households as well as seen in every U.S. Market. The targeted marketing campaign created by NewsWatch TV had also reached more than 697,900 online impressions. Contour’s product marketing manager, Mr. Bret Hudson, shared his overall appreciation and profusely thanked NewsWatch TV for a job well done.

NewsWatch TV began airing in the early 90’s and was originally a monthly series that featured financial related stories and related issues. The news program now focuses on various topics of interest such as travel, entertainment, celebrities, technology, consumer electronic reviews, medical, science and mobile app reviews. NewsWatch TV airs on both Ion Television and the AMC Network. It’s hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Susan Bridges, with special reports by Michelle Ison, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest.

The series airs original episodes bimonthly, its 1,000th original episode was celebrated on air. NewsWatch TV had aired over ten thousand individual news reports and stories that discussed medical breakthroughs, new product introductions, celebrities interviews, charities, public policy issues and many other exclusive segments. Last year, the television series had won both Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards for its excellence. Bridge Communications, a video and communications production company, currently owns and operates NewsWatch TV.