O2Pur, One of the E-cigs Stocks To Buy in 2018

With business amalgamation continuing in the tobacco sector and the close connections all the international cigarette trailblazers have with each other, investing in the stocks of one or two of them will give you the exposure you need to get a comprehensive portfolio of flammable cigarette options. British American Tobacco, for instance, is planning to buy Reynolds-American, a market-leading company in e-cigarette gadgets.

Tobacco stocks have mainly been enjoyed by many due to the generous dividends they offer, and while the majority of the payments are not at stake in 2018, some of them may not perform as favorably as others. The environment will continue skewing towards the most prominent companies as the smaller ones get moved further in the direction of the periphery. The following are some of the best e-cigar stocks to look out for in 2018.

Philip Morris

International tobacco industry giant Philip Morris International is a market-leader in e-cigarettes alongside its iQOS gadget, a rechargeable, pen-like gadget where a cigar-like product gets inserted. Just like Kent Neo-sticks from BAT, Philip Morris is promoting its consumable HeatSticks using the Marlboro brand. The device truly changed people’s perception about electronic cigarettes since it relies on real tobacco for flavor, not an e-liquid flavor.

British American Tobacco

Once the British American Tobacco finishes its procurement of Reynolds-American, it will jump ahead of Philip Morris International to become the leading tobacco corporation. It has numerous cigarette options in the market currently, and it is predicting that heat-not-burn technology (HNB) is going to be the next significant development in the industry.


O2Pur is another e-cigar company to look out for because they have a lot to offer. This company provides electronic cigarette devices and e-liquids as well. That means that individuals don’t have to look in multiple spots to get what they want. In reality, the e-juices they offer are of premium quality and include the best ingredients. Moreover, they have unmatched prices, and you can invest in this firm knowing that they take care of their customers with high-quality services and unbeatable prices.