On The Move With Honey Birdette

Why We Love Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette is a lingerie company that began in 2006. Two friends were talking about how it was impossible for them to find luxury bedroom accessories and provocative lingerie. They decided to create a carefully detailed lingerie parlor. Honey Birdette has became the fastest growing lingerie boutique brand in the world. In their boutiques, Honey Birdette allows its clients to create the ultimate boudoir experience. These boutiques are chic, and they are decorated with sensual decor; each guest that arrives to the boutique receives a glass of champagne. Honey Birdette has a range of accessories such as perfumes, massage oils, candles, lingerie, and leather crops. The creators of Honey Birdette are constantly developing new collections in order to add to their already thriving boutiques.

News About Honey Birdette
Recently, theindustrylondon.com did an article about Honey Birdette. The company has launched a United States e-commerce site; they are also planning to build their UK portfolio to go from 3 to 40 stores in the next two years. One of the founders of Honey Birdette decided to launch this site because Honey Birdette received an increase of 374% on its online stores in the last year. The new platform that Honey Birdette decided to create is made to enhance the customer experience.

With this platform, HB is able to create a delivery system that is fast, and the process of returns will be facilitated as well. Honey Birdette has a huge array of products and they are also going to be offering their clients free delivery for orders over $50. Honey Birdette is on a mission to grow their reach through brick and mortar boutiques and through online sales. The designs that HB creates are unique and seductive. That is the reason why Honey Birdette is growing at such exponential rates.