Oncotarget: The most preferred Source of Scientific News

In many occasions, people fail to get the latest news on various fields of science and medicine merely because they are published in expensive newsletters and weekly magazines. Note that these newsletters and magazines are offered at unreasonable prices and are held by unconventional sources. For this reason, it is hard to be updated with the emerging news as they stream if you are not part of any learning institution that has subscribed to newsletters and weekly magazines. Note that this will keep you behind on the latest findings and advancements of researchers. With the help of Oncotarget, you can get rid of this annoyance.Note that there are numerous approaches people can use to get acquitted with the recent news. However, the most viable way is subscribing to a reliable online channel that broadcasts the latest information concerning the subject of your interest. In the midst of the numerous alternatives available online, experts recommend the Oncotarget.Far from its name, Oncotarget is determined in broadcasting important information about Oncology. It is evident that Oncology is the subject that Oncotarget targets. They also target other topics such as:

  • aging process
  • the Immunology system,
  • Microbiology
  • Neuroscience,
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology
  • Metabolism
  • Cell Biology
  • Pharmacology

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal that is exclusively free to any individual who wants to get updates on oncology information or any other area of science. The journal publishes the updates on a weekly basis, and Oncotarget is one of the trusted journals that are peer-reviewed. On top of that, the journal is equipped with vast information on the development of findings of cancer, therapies, and cure.In 2015 and 2016, Oncotarget recorded an impact fact of 5.008, and it has taken home numerous awards. This has proven that Oncotarget is indeed efficient when it comes to spreading the information about oncology. On top of that, it was listed as number one publication amongst any other publication that concentrates on oncology. This makes it the most preferred source than the majority of other paid subscription newsletters. Impact Journals is the one that is responsible for peer reviewing and publishing the Oncotarget.Note that any news that is related to oncology will pop in the news feed of Oncotarget. It is evident that the popularity of the journal is increasing and their peer reviews are assisting authors to sway their findings in the field.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a leading multidisciplinary traditional journal that people can access for free. The journal publishes the news online every week, and each issue will be reproduced for a particular demand. The primary objective of Oncotarget is to make scientific findings rapidly and easily accessible. They also strive to maximize the impact of research through insightful review, allowing the striking results to be shared promptly. Oncotarget tries to eradicate the border between different specialties while linking various fields of biometric science. The journal has been in the frontline when it comes to fostering the application of basic and clinical science to fight diseases. Under the governance of skilled scientists, Oncotarget assists all researchers contribute to the advancement of science.