Alternative Ways Taken By Banks in Raising Profit Output

NexBank is among the leading and recognized financial service company in the United States of America. It has rooted its operations in the entire Dallas, Texas and recently expanded to open branches in the entire region. NexBank has boasted of improved financial stability and profit growth in the financial year 2016. On 23rd Feb 2017, the bank completed a record oversubscription of its private placement senior unsecured notes. This saw an increase from the initial offering of $80 million dollars to a closing record of over $150 million. This has been a major milestone in securing the financial position of the company. The notes also have a fixed rate of 5.50percent which runs for a period of five years. This enables potential investors to invest and get returns without being affected by market fluctuation. The profit received from the placement of the notes will be used to settle debts and normal corporate engagements. This is according to the President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, LLC John Holt.


Through strategic financial positioning, the bank has increased its profit base in the financial year ending 2016 with over $200million in debt resettlement. In addition, the bank has seen growth in deposit reaching over $3.2billion and subsequent growth of assets of up to $4.6billion. All this success is attributed to the steps taken by the management in providing excellent and professional financial services and loans to clients.


NexBank has been in the limelight for all good reasons. This is because they offer different types of services ranging from mortgage banking, financial and institutional services. As such, they have received goodwill from clients and the public at large. Clients have been able to benefit from the low-interest mortgage that has assured many people of flexible repayment periods.


Through commercial real estate lending, many organizations and institutions have been able to acquire financial support for property development. As such, many companies have invested in property management and construction. NexBank has invested in a dedicated team of professionals and a rich portfolio of managers. The chairman of the company is a renowned financial investment and property manager James Dondero.


How Technology and Fashion Industries Help Each Other Grow

Chris Burch is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the fashion and technology industries. He has observed the two industries for quite some time, and he has noted that both sectors complement each other. The Ithaca College alumnus believes that technology can be fashionable and fashion can become technologically fashionable.


Current Trends


Currently, designers are using technology to develop fashions that are of high standards and functionality. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, believes that marrying technology with fashion brings out endless possibilities. She believes that technology should be a playground for fashion designers to produce functional designers


The Two Industries Helping Each Other


Some notable examples can proof that the two industries complement each other. In the 1970s the boom box and the two deck cassette players were very familiar. However, in the 1980s, the cassette players became more popular after they were incorporated in movies storylines. Likewise, the Google glasses didn’t gain popularity after they were launched. There was a lot of stigma of wearing the glasses until recently when a fashion designer, Diane Furstenberg, decided to help out. She made her models wear the Google glasses while on the catwalk. This gave the glasses an immediate increase in demand. These two scenarios prove that the two industries have notable synergy and the future of them will be determined by how deep they help each other.


Trends for the Future


The future of the two industries will be trying to develop fashions and technologies that protect us and also provide energy. For instance, some designers are making technologically fashionable airbags to replace helmets for motorists. Others are designing gloves that can help firefighter communicate while in their work. Another school of designers is developing clothes and shoes that can produce kinetic energy to power mp3s, watches, and mobile phones.


About Chris Burch

Burch is a serial entrepreneur with investments in the real estate industry, technology, and fashion. He is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has been an active investor in various industries for over 40 years. Burch has been attributed to the growth of over 50 companies.


Chris Burch started his career when he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business that grew to $165 million by the time he sold it. His successful career has been attributed to his unmatched ability to find the nexus between innovation and implementation. Burch has a remarkable investment portfolio including international and domestic real estate venture.



Thor Halvorssen Creates A Series of Human Rights Events

The career of Thor Halvorssen has taken many different directions over the last few years after the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation set out to create a series of events that would make a positive change on the human rights community. Halvorssen has been a dedicated human rights activist throughout his life after being personally affected by the imprisonment of his own father during his time as the diplomatic drug czar of Venezuela; despite his father’s protected status as a diplomat he was tortured by law enforcement officials who he had discovered were playing a key part in protecting members of the drug trade in South America.

The first events Halvorssen took part in as a human rights activist were dedicated to securing the freedom of his own father from imprisonment and were created as a part of a campaign Halvorssen headed along with officials from Amnesty International. Since this first event, Thor has also set out to take part in many different forms of protest and campaign for many different groups and a series of events developed by his own Human Rights Foundation such as the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Oslo Freedom Forum was first held in 1009 and has been a major part of the calendar for human rights activists, celebrities, journalists, and politicians to attend on a personal and political level. Although Halvorssen is not interested in pushing forward his own political agenda he is concerned with making sure the activists and community leaders he represents have access to people from across the world who can play a key role with the advancement of individual campaigns. The success of the Oslo Freedom Forum has seen the event expand across a range of cities to include the San Francisco Freedom Forum and a further event focused on college campuses that aims to raise awareness of the problems facing groups around the world when people are trapped under restrictive regimes.

Troy McQuagge Recognized By His Peers For Executive Excellence

Troy McQuagge is the proud recipient of the CEO of the Year Gold Award, as part of the One Planet Awards program. McQuagge, as CEO of USHealth Group Inc., was honored for professional excellence, which included his turnaround strategies for both USHEALTH and the company’s marketing arm, USHEALTH Advisors. After his win was announced, McQuagge said “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.


While Troy McQuagge is correct, it is easy to sell affordable coverage when insurance costs are rising, companies don’t enjoy growth and profitably without an adept leader at the helm. Starting out as USHEALTH Advisors’s president and CEO in 2010, McQuagge’s skills led him to become a VP and chief marketing officer of USHEALTH Group in 2013. In 2014, McQuagge was promoted to CEO of USHEALTH Group. Since McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group, the company, which offers innovative and flexible health coverage, has enjoyed success in a highly competitive industry.


After graduating from the University of Central Florida, McQuagge’s entire professional career has been spent in the insurance industry. He’s worked for Allstate Insurance Company, the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. and then HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group before joining USHEALTH Advisors.


With McQuagge as CEO, USHEALTH Group has been on an extraordinary growth trajectory for the last three years, winning a Gold Stevie Award for Insurance Company of the Year in 2016. In his free time, McQuagge enjoys supporting charitable causes, including HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix and the Semper Fi Fund.

Jeffry Schneider at His Best in Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC which is a boutique that is found in Austin. He is a well-recognized capitalist; he is also linked with Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. Some of the partners he worked with are Merril Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. He is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree.


Ascendant Capital is an organization that gives their services such as sales, marketing, inventive methods in economic building and functioning services. It also picks capitals for well-known and developing alternative investment funds guarantors. The organization is well organized and relate with experienced people including Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices and broker-dealers in order to make sure that they provide their services all over the world.


Through Jeffry Schneider management in the company he has accomplished a lot, the company has developed in terms of staff members they have increased to more than thirty employees. Therefore Jeffry Schneider and the team members they have improved the company capitals by attaining more money which is approximate $1 billion. With the association of over 250 investment consultants, fifty broker-dealers and many family offices the company has made an investment that is used to buy auto contracts, real estate and tech companies. The main aim of the organization to achieve better heights and continuously having good results in whatever they do.


For a long time the company has provided a great improvement in everything they do because of the effort and devotion they display. Most of the customers choose alternative investment because it is the best, the company offers alternative investment making it be unique with other investments in the market. Ascendant Capital provides better surrounding to their staff members in order for them to work swiftly hence improving the company success.


The company also ensures that the client’s needs are attended first before anything else. Jeffry Schneider likes to tour the world some of the countries include Asia, Europe, South America and many other parts. He also participates in charity projects, the projects in which he has contributed are Cherokee Home for Children, The Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver and Wonders Worries.



Factors That Contribute To US Health’s Growth, And Excellent Performance In Serving Customers For More Than Half A Century

US Health Group is an insurance providing firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Their products cover costs in innovative living, sicknesses, accidents and other sudden disabilities. US Health’s strategy accommodates customers earning middle-level incomes across the United States. Since its establishment in 1967, it has served more than 1 million Americans with customized products and services that provide reliability and flexibility throughout the contractual period. Customers seeking less pricey packages can choose from the plenty innovative products that have a first dollar protection plan. US health allows candidates to cost share through tailor making coverage. They value close relationships with their customers and aim to maintain dependability through the subsidiaries, National Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance.


US Health has won more than ten awards since its launch, such as the recent One Planet Awards. The administrative staff of the company ensures that it always recruits highly qualified individuals whose input adds value to the enterprise and helps in achieving goals. In March of 2006, Patrick H. O’Neill and J. Grover Thomas Junior joined the firm’s board of members after selection by principal shareholders. Grover has more than 50 years of experience in the financial market, whereas O’Neill has 30 years of practicing execution of legal measures in insurance companies. The then chief executive officer, Ben Cutler, stated that the appointment of the two professionals would prove worthwhile to the firm and board of directors.


In 2016, US Health Group took home the prestigious CEO of the year award from One Planet Awards after winning against nominees from private and public sectors. Troy McQuage, the CEO, stated that the honor was a representation of the collective effort of the US Health staff. He explained that the Group has a focused dedication to innovating better solutions to all citizens of the United States. Troy began working for US Health in 2010 as a vice president and has turned around the failing business operations by reconstructing the distribution strategies. In 2014, Troy became the firm’s president and CEO and has achieved growth, success and the highest profit margins of the company in this decade.


Wengie Rubberband Hack Video Recap


Wengie shares with viewers 15 DIYs using rubber bands to make life easier. First, she shows how to create “training chopsticks.” Roll up a small piece of paper into a tube, then place it between the chopsticks and secure with a rubber band. Wrap rubber bands around the ear pieces of your glasses to keep them from sliding down your nose. Wrap a rubber band vertically around a paint can, then use it to wipe excess paint off your brush to keep things tidy.


Secure a full and an empty tissue box together with a rubber band so you have a convenient garbage bin for your used tissues. Great for sad movies and sick days! Wrap a rubber band around the top of a drink bottle and use the excess to keep your straw in place. Wrap a rubber band around your finger so you can easily turn magazine pages. Use rubber bands to mark each cup in your water bottle to keep track of how much you drink in the day. Wrap rubber bands around the ends of clothes hangers so items can grip and won’t fall off.


Wrap a rubber band around a tight jar lid to provide extra grip to help you open it. Put rubber bands around each end of your cutting board to keep it from slipping. Wrap a colored rubber band around your cup so you can recognize it at a party. Wengie said keep book pages from bending in your bag by wrapping a rubber band vertically around your book. Wrap a rubber band around the end of your spoon to keep it from slipping down into your bowl. Create tissues out of toilet paper by wrapping a rubber band around the roll, then taking the cardboard out of the center and pulling the end out. Wrap rubber bands around the end of a rolling pin to your desired thickness to ensure evenly rolled cookie or pizza dough.

Cotemar an Mexican Authority in the Energy

Cotemar was established in 1979 and is in the business of offering services in the energy sector. Ever since its establishment, Cotemar has grown into the leading service provider for the gas and oil industry in Mexico. Cotemar have over 37 years experience in providing services to Petroleos Mexicanos also called Pemex.



Cotemar Services

Cotemar has a strong reputation and presence in the gas and oil industry. Cotemar services are split over the following market segments: Construction, Modernization, Engineering and Maintenance. Cotemar’s focus is to modernize their client’s offshore rigs and processing centers. Their modernization approach affects prefabrication, installation, and commission processes. Cotemar also has special maritime vessels for transporting personnel, nourishment, and lightweight materials. They have fighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges boats for hauling big structures. Additionally, Cotemar’s vessels are highly inspected and monitored to guarantee safety of people while they are onboard.



History of Cotemar

Since its inception in 1979, Cotemar provides services in two main lines, specialized vessels, and catering and accommodation within Campeche Bay. Through the years Cotemar has evolved as follows:



  • In 1981, it continued to grow as an industry leader adding specialized fleet vessels for transporting material and personnel
  • In 1985, it acquired the first accommodation rig that offered food services and accommodation
  • In 1988, it increased its personal transportation fleet through expanding its market presence by providing transport services of personnel and materials, and strengthening maintenance and construction, and catering and accommodation
  • In 1996, it expanded its market presence through offering transport services for personnel and materials, accommodation, catering, construction and maintenance
  • In 2004, Pemex reached its peak limit in oil production. As a result, Cotemar is seeking new kinds of business ventures involving onshore extraction of oil


The Values of Cotemar

Cotemar prides itself in many values. Their aim is to ensure that they are dependable, trust worthy, and capable of delivering high quality and exemplary services to their clients. They are determined in providing their client with the best services in a limited amount of time. Furthermore, Cotemar is aware that pleasing a customer is a lifetime commitment. This is the reason they invest a lot of time into learning the new trends in the market, what their competition is offering, and their customer preferences. The customer service, follow up, and after sale services at Cotemar are one of the ways they use to lure their customers back.



The Ongoing Expansion Of The OSI Group

The motto of the OSI Group is that the company provides a “world of food solutions.” OSI Group is considered to be a premier global food provider.

The OSI Group enters into partnerships with the world’s leading food service companies and retail food brand enterprises. The company provides concept-to-table solutions. The company states that these concept-to-table solutions are created with the idea to delight and impress consumers around the globe.

In its marketing materials, OSI Group maintains that it is driven by an entrepreneurial passion. According to OSI Group, the company strives to continually come up with a perfectly crafted solution for each of its partners. The ultimately objective is to ensure that a partner’s goals and needs fully are satisfied.


OSI Group is also wholly committed to marketing the best products available internationally today. This includes all products offered through any of the company’s subsidiaries and other partners. In addition, OSI Group is committed to making certain all of its products are available at reasonable price points that outpace the competition.

OSI Group announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe was made from its former parent company, the Flagship Food Group.

Flagship Europe is a well-respected supplier of the United Kingdom foodservice market. Products marketed by Flagship Europe include pies, sour vide items, and frozen poultry. Flagship Europe also sells sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise.

Before the acquisition by OSI Group, Flagship Europe recently expanded into the food-to-go sector with its own acquisition of Calder Foods. Calder Foods is considered a highly respected provide of sandwich fillings, sauces, marinades, mayonnaise and dips.

In making the announcement, OSI Group noted that Flagship Europe significantly expands the company’s overall reach in Europe. One of the goals of OSI Group is to continue to expand its reach and involvement in the European marketplace.

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Bruce Levenson Moves Forward With Great Strides

The ownership group Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) is suing an insurance company in regards to a settlement with Danny Ferry, the former General Manager. AHBE claims that while they were the ownership group of the Atlanta NBA team they were insured by AIG. Their policy coverage warranted their business for losses in relation to certain employment practices such as wrongful termination or workplace torts. AHBE allegedly gave notice to AIG that Ferry had made a claim that fell under their policy coverage, but AIG denies having received any notice.

An concealed financial agreement was met between AHBE and Ferry just days before a new ownership group took over the NBA franchise. AHBE feels that a breach of contract by AIG has occurred by their failure to recognize the notification and pay for the claim that, they understood, fell under their paid policy coverage. AHBE primary controlling partner was Bruce Levenson, the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Team and Philips Arena.

Levenson had decided to sell his share of the Atlanta Hawks franchise back in 2014, and had hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to work the deal. The firms had overpriced the evaluation of the team which led to several potential buyers stepping away early, and Levenson was left with a much lower sale than he had anticipated. Levenson was certainly not put out by the deal, being a long time business man he remains resilient and continuously pushes forward in his career.

Levenson is the co-founder and partner of United Communications Group, a company he help start back in 1977. He has been the director for TechTarget Inc. and, a successful IT company, since 2015. He has also been an important part of the Electronic Publishers Association and the Newsletter, serving on their Board of Directors. He is also an active philanthropist reveals PR Newswire.

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