MB2 Dental Adds Stellar Performer to its Financial Management Team

With the addition of Jackson Hildebrand as the new chief financial officer overseeing MB2 Dental’s financial management (as well as the 91 practices contained within its widespread dentist-owner network), the company finds itself in the enviable position of having its dentists able to invest in each others’ practices, both financially and professionally.

Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental, enthusiastically welcomed Jackson Hildebrand to the company, stating MB2 Dental had been actively searching for a “special individual who’s an expert in finance but also understands the challenges private practioners face. We definitely found that in Jackson.”

Hildebrand explained that, while previously working for a private equity firm, he’d actually been looking to focus his attention on working directly for a portfolio company. As someone who enjoys getting involved in the day-to-day aspects of the company, he’s in a position to take advantage of the tremendous growth potential found within MB2 Dental.

Jackson Hildebrand’s stellar background includes having served as Finance Director at TPG Capital, where he supervised the financial and accounting operations of its legacy buyout funds. With a BBA and MS in Accounting from Texas A&M University, his career began at KPMG, working in the government audit practice (based out of Washington, DC). Currently, he resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife and two children.

Tracking Businessman Greg Aziz Through Career

1Having been born in 1949 in Ontario, Canada, Gregory James Aziz is a native. Before his life at National Steel Car, which he has guided to the next level, the down to earth business leader first worked with the family business, Affiliated Foods. After earning a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, he went to work at his father’s food distribution company. For sixteen years, he brought changes into the business. First, he got suppliers from Europe and South America; then he introduced exotic foods to the groups’ portfolio. It was while working here that his family realized that he was a businessman to be reckoned with.


New York was his next stop, where he dabbled in investment banking and for ten years, he found ways to invest both his clients’ and his portfolios. In 1994, Gregory J Aziz went all out and bought National Steel Car, a rolling stock and railroad car manufacturer based in Hamilton, Ontario, his home. At the time, the company was experiencing a crisis, and it had changed hands so many times that it had stagnated. The railcar business, in general, was also facing a bleak time. Not only was the company suffering losses, but it was also fighting off legal actions, and fines from regulatory bodies that had it on its knees. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Gregory J. Aziz had to find a way to turn the fortunes of the company around. He first changed the earlier culture of putting the focus on low-cost production, which was the main cause of the lawsuits and fines. He directed funds into National Steel Car and made massive investments in capital projects and this raised the production capacity. This translated into two thousand new jobs with the focus shifting to engineering, safety standards were raised, and the balance with cost-effectiveness was achieved.


Having turned around the failing corporation, it was now time to start working on new orders, thanks to the efforts of Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car recently received an order of 350 new lumber cars from CN Rail. The new seventy-foot plus cars are to be manufactured locally in Hamilton with deliveries expected to begin as early as September and close by the end of the year. There were hints that there might be a possibility of acquisition or leasing of more cars with load capacities in excess of 100 tones. The vehicles are being sought to help meet a demand for forest products that have been growing across North America.


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Michael Burwell Appointed As The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

On August 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced to have hired Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer. Willis Towers Watson is a company that deals with advisory in regard to insurance and reinsurance globally. The company hired Michael Burwell to replace Roger Millay as he was expected to retire.

Michael Burwell who served at PwC has over three decades experience in finance. He held various senior positions in the company from chief operating officer to head of global transformation among other positions. He also served as an auditor for 11 years before acquiring a position at transaction services advisory which he served for over a decade.

The chief executive officer John Haley of Willis Towers Watson expressed his excitement to have Michael join the company’s leadership. Haley states that Michael clearly understands how to lead, manage and strive to acquire excellent results in a complex institution hence he is an excellent catch for the company’s evolution. Haley further states that he has confidence in business skills and experience that Burwell has especially in transaction, transformation and finance management. Burwell will, therefore, enhance business in Willis Towers Watson and enable the company to unlock its full potential.

In his continued speech, Haley gives a vote of thanks to the outgoing chief operating officer Roger Millay for his recommendable leadership and support to Willis Towers Watson as he leave the company in a better position than he found it and set for future success. Visit This Page for additional information.

Michael Burwell says that it’s an honor to join Willis Towers Watson and that he is excited by the strength of leadership and a culture of commitment to the company and its clients. Burwell further states that he is committed to adding value and success to the company.

Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University where he attained his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is also a certified public accountant. Before joining Willis Towers Watson, Burwell has spent over 31 years in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. During his tenure in PwC, Michael Burwell thrived in business management as he served various positions. This helped him to acquire essential skills and experience in business administration and finance fields.

Due to his vast experience, he can manage multiple business transactions and transformation of an organization. He also has a great interest in technology, and he believes that it will continue to grow and evolve to offer support to micro-communities. Michael Burwell was named Alumnus of the year 2010 by Michigan State University.


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Jorge Moll’s Celebration of Ideas and the Mind

Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s career and outlook can be summed up in a famous quote by inventor Leonardo da Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Educated in his home town of Rio de Janiero, Moll seeks to bring a new level of education and mental health to the Brazilian people. He champions a free exchange of ideas from all corners of society, from students and scientists to doctors and entrepreneurs. That is why he founded the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Now Moll can help others with mental conditions that have negatively affected their relationships and quality of life.

Just as important as this exchange of ideas is the simple need to constantly challenge ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to get bored or repetitive. “We can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries, by simply doing interesting things,” Moll said in a recent interview.

Being an expert on the mind, Jorge Moll is in the perfect position to know that mentally staying in one place for too long can lead to stagnation and resistance to necessary changes. Individuals, companies, and entire nations can easily become locked into counterproductive behavior if they do not continually question and reevaluate themselves. This is why Moll cares so deeply about ideas flowing constantly from all areas. “Do not hold onto ideas and plans for too long,” he says. “Either run with them or move on to the next one as quickly as possible.”

Ideas are not enough according to Moll. Following through on the right ideas is just as important. It can be challenging to select the best ideas and decide on a course of action (Twitter). But that challenge is exactly what Moll intends to help people meet and overcome.

Just like our bodies, our minds need to be constantly moving and adapting to stay healthy and meet the tasks that lie ahead. Experts like Moll are helping pave the road for people to take control of their minds and improve their futures.

How David McDonald Has Influenced OSI’S Global Success

When David McDonald was born on a humble farm located in Northeast Iowa, neither him nor his family had any idea that he one day gain monumental success in the in the food processing industry. However, it was not a surprise that he chose to major in Animal Science at Iowa State University because he knew from a young age he was interested in agriculture. He was lucky to have parents who shared his vision and put him through good schools until he finally graduated in the year 1987 with a degree in Animal Science. McDonald says that it was while at Iowa State University that he developed a deep understanding of the food industry and after his graduation, he immediately ventured into the industry and eventually landed at OSI Group.

Career at OSI

It is at OSI Group that David McDonald has experienced success in the food industry and has been pivotal in helping OSI acquire several franchises such as Baho Foods, Tyson Foods, and a Flagship in Europe. Under his watch as the President and Corporate Operations Officer (COO), OSI has transformed into a global company with outlets all over the globe. Its latest triumph is in China where they have opened more than ten facilities to handle the processing of poultry.

David McDonald, in his three decades working with OSI, he has been instrumental in developing and maintaining vital business partnerships. He says their greatest and most valuable partners are their clients and OSI treats them like family. This also applies to everybody that interacts with OSI, be it their workers or their distributors and suppliers. David McDonald says that any business that is out there to thrive and expand must have the threshold to make changes as per the preference of their customers. A move OSI executes with ease under the stewardship of David.

Style of Leadership

It is under McDonald leadership that OSI made several strategic internal realignments like investing in state of the art technology and sourcing excellently trained workers. He also overhauled the management system and adopted one that was more flexible allowing managers to run one subsidiary at a time. David notes that their growth has been motivated by their goal to dominate and set standards in the food industry. This is a goal he says they are patient about and will apply strategies over a long period of time.

More about David McDonald

David is the proud recipient of the reputable Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Mr. McDonald is a man with a big heart and has a lifetime pledge to Iowa State University. He is also fully dedicated to St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Ill. Besides being a visionary leader, He has also worked at Marfrig Global Foods S.A as an autonomous Director.

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Adam Milstein Author’s an Insightful Article on Jns.org

The Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein, authored a very insightful article, on jns.org, on the current issues that the Jewish community are facing with the alliance between the alt-right and the leftists in the State of Israel. The leftists are usually the defenders against any barbarous and unfair acts against a group within the country, but recently, it has appeared as though the group has took sides with the hate of the alt-right and has allowed a lot of the harsh actions to persist, such as those of stoning women, killing of the gays, violating minority rights and hateful acts on feminism. The article goes into details about: why radical leftists may have joined forces; how the alliance is recognized on college campuses, the radical leftist leader, Linda Sarsour and much more.

Radical leftists, looks at the conditions in the State of Israel and with all of the hate actions conducted by Islamic radicals, and they see that the Muslims are being targeted by the Jews. Actually claiming that most of the problems that are happening in the Middle East and the rest of the world are responsible to the Jewish community. To each his own on this matter, but is it really necessary to continue the hateful actions towards the Jewish without resisting it? No, but radical leftist shares the same hatred as alt-right when it comes to western world influential domination, such as related aspects of it: freedom of speech, the fighting against anti-semitism promotion and “pluralistic nationalism”. Maybe radical leftists do actually have a point, but isn’t it another way to fight the power of the Jewish community?

Leftists students at Tufts University took action against the anti-semitism acts on campus in a disorientation guide that was directed towards Hillel International [the largest Jewish Campus organization in the world]. It would expose the ant-semitism among the leftists on campus in an attempt to motivate leftists to take action as suppose. Jews claim that the many acts on campus that were claimed to be anti-semitism acts, indeed wasn’t, just a bunch of rhetoric to tick off a Jew.

Radical leftists leader and Muslim, Linda Sarsour, is one that many can say have it out for the Jews and who actually supports the way that Saudi Arabia treats their women, which is actually on record as horrible. She would also thank Sirah Wajjah in a speech she delivered, titled,” Jihad Against Trump”. Sirah Wajjah was said to have part in the World Trade Center Bombing in 1993.

For more information on this article from the perspective of Adam Milstein himself, visit the jns.org article titled, “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide”. A stupendous article. Also learn more about Adam Milstein by visiting the Adam Milstein LinkeIn page.


Ara Chakerian Championing Better Healthcare and Forest Sustainability

Ara Chakerian is a highly successful entrepreneur that gains his money while helping the community, he’s also a philanthropist. He is highly involved in good environmental activities, conserving forest resources with the aim of leaving a better footprint on nature.


As population is increasing, humans generally have not payed adequate attention to forestry. The first intention for real estate is to destroy the wooden plains, then build upon. Ara Chakerian otherwise knows the holistic success of the project and the environment is down sustainability, and this makes him one the advanced minds in land management. His personal interest in sustainability drove him to start Limonapa Teak. The company specializes in sustainable teak production, through the cultivation of teak throughout wide areas. In most cases, the land used for this practice was formerly a grazing land for herds but through horrible land practices, couldn’t be a feeding ground to the herbivores.


Being a diverse investor, he is also the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings LLC a group with interest in start-up health care companies. Because of his dutiful nature towards life and growth, Ara Chakerian co-founded TMS Health Solutions, a medical practice providing help to victims of resistant depression through transcranial magnetic stimulation.  For more info you can visit angel.co



As a person, Ara Chakerian doesn’t have a fixed schedule for a day instead spends his time understanding strategies, coming up with progressive visions enhance his trade while uplifting the community in the process. He maintains the major driving force for him is the privilege to be in the situation to effect change and how he can use it to benefit his surroundings. Progressive minds will always find something that inspires them to the next level, and Ara Chakerian seems very excited with the growth of digital health care. He understands that the future growth of healthcare will be attributed to widespread digital assisted health care apps.



Good entrepreneurs can foresee future obstacles, as a young man he wasn’t sure in what form they would appear in a business. He however found out his ability to see obstacles in a state of calm, either in nature, surfing or trail- running.



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When asked about how he always bring ideas to life, Louis Chenevert says that during his time at the UTC Company he emphasized on operative talent and production was tremendously crucial to bringing concepts that would lead to better results that surpassed customer’s prospects and collect revenue and viability energy with staff backing. He also believed in maintaining attention on small groups and an operative leadership squad that is in charge of the fund’s tools and independence to trail unique products in the market. What followed was an intense review to ensure essential objectives were achieved.

Louis Chenevert is excited about how knowledge and the promptness of change generated genuinely thoughtful chances to accelerate drive in the corporation in the right direction in future.

Louis Chenevert, a noticeable Canadian entrepreneur who operated as the chief executive officer and chairperson of United Technologies Firm. He worked as the principal of Canada’s Pratt and Whitney. He was born in 1958 Quebec in Canada. In 1979 achieved his degree in Manufacture management from Montreal university school of Business. He is an honorary doctorate holder from HEC Montreal University School of business in May 2011 and in 2014 he has bestowed an honorary doctorate from University of Concordia.

Chenevert obliged for 14 years in the General Motors as the overall productive manager. In 1993 he was hired by Pratt and Whitney concern where he got the opportunity of serving as the Assistant premier of set-ups, and in 1999 he was chosen the premiere of the company. Chenevert joined united technologies Establishment in March 2006 where he was appointed the company’s director, President, and Chief Operating Officer. He became the Chief Executive Officer in 2008 and in 2010 he was named the board’s chairman.

At the United Technologies Concern Louis Chenevert is always recalled for his incredible activities prior, throughout and after he was Chief Executive Officer of the business. He claims that many thoughts of United Technologies came about through essential executives; strategic small bunches in a small team, who had a clear gallant of the client needs and confidence to deliver game stirring harvests in a thirty-year discovery cycle.


Waiakea Water is Water with Morals

Not only does Waiakea Water work to help people feel better about what they put in their bodies but it also helps people feel good about the way they do business. Waiakea Water is an ethical company that only participates in ethical practices. They know what people want and they try to give them all the options that help them through different situations. Since Waiakea Water knows what people are looking for and knows there are things they can use to continue getting the right opportunities, they keep bottling their water the right way. The company makes a point of giving everyone a chance to try it and try different things that will help them see they have sustainable practices. As a sustainable company, Waiakea Water knows what they can do and knows there are things that will continue helping them through all the options they have.

As long as people drink Waiakea Water, they know what they can do to feel better. The water may help balance pH, may give them a better complexion and can promote healing in different instances. Waiakea Water does what they can to bottle their water the right way and it helps the people who purchase it see the options they have. The company commits itself to making people feel better and making them understand all the options they have so they can do things the right way. Waiakea Water always does their best to give people the chances they need for success with the water.

While Waiakea Water is working to make themselves the most popular water company, they are also scaling their company in a way that’s sustainable. Since they know the right way to scale the company, they plan to do it in a way that lets them make sure things are working right. They also want everyone to see there are things that will help them with different opportunities. The company makes a point of offering customers the chance to be successful no matter how hard they have to work with different options. It’s their goal of giving back and giving in to different things.


End Citizens United Hopes for Another Successful Year of Resistance

End Citizens United is hoping for a successful year in its ongoing campaign to end what many regard as a disastrous ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Handed down in 2010, this ruling jolted and continues to affect the nation’s political system.

The case was related to a film produced by a conservative political organization, Citizens United, which attacked Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was at the time running for president. Classifying the film as a campaign ad, the Federal Election Commission ordered the producers to reveal its funding source. Although the requirement was upheld by a lower court, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in a 5-4 decision. The ruling essentially opened the door to unlimited political advertising by corporations. The outrage of critics could be summarized in the dissent by Justice John Paul Stevens, who expressed fear that the ruling could deeply affect the democratic principles that for so long were considered part of the United States.

The Citizens United case clearly helped Republican candidates and such wealthy Americans as the Waltons, the principal owners of the Wal-Mart company, and the Koch brothers, who run the second largest private firm in the United States. Some observers credited the court ruling with the huge Republican wave in 2010, when the party regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives. However, the action by the court and subsequent events produced a backlash by a number of groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the League of Women Voters. The resistance movement ultimately lead to the creation in 2015 of End Citizens United, an organization specifically dedicated to reversing the original decision.

End Citizens United works to raise funds that can be used to counter the corporate spending that burgeoned since the original ruling. In addition to supporting Democratic candidates, the organization has supported the passage of state measures that limit corporate involvement in American elections. Its ultimate goal is the passage of a constitutional amendment that defines free speech as an individual matter and not something that extends to the corporate domain.

End Citizens United employs the principle of grassroots funding, a technique used in the successful 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama. The organization raised $25 million in 2016 and has set a goal of $35 million this year. It is concentrating its efforts this year on defeating 20 Republican incumbents, two of whom are in the Senate and the rest in the House.

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