Reaching beyond the limits


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the most well-known entrepreneurs today. The gentlemen are taking technology and fashion to the next phase of life where people can get whatever design that they desire without having to struggle with them. Investing in fashion industry took a lot of meditation and thinking. Being that both Don and Adam did not have a clue on how the fashion industry works, starting off in the new field required a lot of input.

Investing in a strange field

Ressler and Goldenberg did not have any clues of what a fashion industry entails. The duo had never thought of investing in fashion because it required deeper market understanding and focus. Having had a good background in technology, they figured the direction in which their knowledge could take them. After studying the market demands, they noticed that there is a huge gap in the market for the development of quality fashion tastes. The discovery led to a new set of clothes and fashion developments that would take the industry to a new level.

Making use of the previous experiences

Being the owners of the Techstyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have different roles to perform. Having experiences in technology, the roles of Adam and Don are completely distinguished. Before being employed at the Intermix Company, Adam developed websites that would help different companies in raising money and in the process of growth. The experience and the knowledge of raising such kind of a website intrigued that company. His contribution to the growth of Intermix led to several successes. On the other hand, Adam Goldenberg is another technology wit who started investing in his interest when he was a teenager. At the age of 15, Adam was given a lucrative post at Intermix as the vice president of the strategic operations. Later, when he was 20, Adam became the CIO of the company, and this gave him the knowledge necessary for quality management.

Creating unique brands

Other than the currently sought fashion, Dressler and Adam used their knowledge of technology to personalize the products which people would want to use. The customers have found a new line of fashion where they can specify their requirements and establish a design that suits their requirements. Started as an online store, the tech style has taken over the fashion design. With its current plans for expansion, there is likely going to be a new force in the American market and the entire world.