Reasons to Hire Clearabee in the Removal of Rubbish in London

Clearabee is among the largest rubbish removal companies in London. The company prides itself on the ability to offer immediate services upon request. The company has improved and speeded the process of rubbish removal in London. By strategically placing vehicles in the entire city, they can respond quickly to clients without charging congestion fees. Additionally, due to the strategic placement of vehicles, they never have to drive long distances to offer their services. Clearabee also provides evening and weekend rubbish removal services. The company is operational six days a week and operates mostly during the mornings and evenings.


There are several reasons why Clearabee stands out among other rubbish removal companies. Upon booking, Clearabee ensures that the garbage gets removed on the same day. They do not charge driving charges to people living in zone one. They also keep the extra costs to an absolute minimum. Clearabee adheres to the rules of an eco-friendly environment. All the waste collected in London is 100 percent diverted. Additionally, their rates are affordable.


The procedure of requesting their services is simple. Clients get advised to email or call their service team for further advice. Most of the rubbish removal is done early in the morning or in the evening. Clients are required to give an estimate of the waste. A photo comes in handy when determining the type of machinery to be used. After making the request, the removal teams arrive at the premise and conducts an assessment of the waste. The prices are then negotiated. Finally, the team clears the rubbish. However, the duration of the clearance is dependent on the amount of garbage.