Remove Bad Hair Days With WEN by Chaz Dean

Although WEN Hair cleansing conditioners were created many years ago, they still still get a lot of praise and good reviews today by women who have achieved excellent results. Chaz Dean, the creator of the Sephora endorsed WEN hair care products, is a long time hairstylist has a lot of expertise in the field and even works with many celebrities today. A detailed review, written by Emily McClure, can be found on, which details the usage of WEN and how it actually works on the very fine hair that she has. Since WEN claims to work on all hair types and has a lot of high ratings, she wanted to see if it could help her manage her hair.

She was worried at the start because the texture of the product is very thick when applying WEN, but it is not designed to weigh down the hair at all, which she found at within a couple days after she started seeing results of her own.  The majority of women who try it out see results within a couple weeks time, which is also dependent on proper usage and what other products they continue using.

WEN, by its very design, has been created to lift up and remove all the build up from other products that leave behind contaminants in the scalp, usually because they contain chemicals for cleaning. Chaz Dean and his team went through the process of trial and error to create the right make up of natural ingredients that was capable of getting the job done without stripping the hair of its oils or moisture. Visit the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more information.

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  1. It is so gentle that it can be used with other styling products on a daily basis for great results. WEN’s special formula allows it to be effective on hair regardless if its tin what have you. It is becoming remarkable for to get what they want for others too to understand.

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