The reason why Peter Briger has the opportunity of taking Fortress Investment Group to other levels

The adult life of Peter Briger started like any other with a strong vision knowing where he was going in life. At Princeton, he finished his first degree, before going to Wharton school of business, which after he graduated getting a master in business administration. He has been able to build a good character and reputation in his career life. For many years he has been professionally practicing as the finance and investment officer. Peter has been able to achieve so many accomplishments in his professional career one being that he is a partner of Goldman, Sachs, and Co for the last 15years. There are so many committees that Peter attended while still at Goldman Sachs like the Asian Management Committee and Global Control & Compliance Committee.

There is some other leadership role that has been participating in like being the co-head of Asian Real Estate Equity.Currently, he is the principal and a member of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. The reason why he was given this position is that he has the needed experience because he has been a partner in one of the prestigious firms. In February after things changed and Fortress Investment Group joined the open market, it was a turn of the lives of its principle because they became billionaires including Peter Briger. Fortress Investment Group is a firm that deals with the investments and the headquarters are based in New York City.

On 2002 that is when Peter Briger first joined the firm. He has been able to rise from one level to the other in the company. It is made of 300 employees, and their job is that they will keep track of the underrated and distress illiquid credit investment. Apart from him having a successful career, Peter has a side that is amazing, and that is he a philanthropist. In the cause of his working, he has been contributing to charity events and other organizations. Some of the charity include him being one of the members of Silicon Valley Council that will govern the money supposed to go to children globally. Then he is among one of the members of Foreign Matters which is one organization that has the goals of that they will be able to improve the abilities that individuals have so that to comprehend the issues of the foreigners. He will make sure that the equities set for the less privileged in the committee will do precisely that and help the children in getting better services.