The success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand

Starting a fashion brand is one of the most interesting ventures that one can take part in. However, there are challenges that come with the investment. For instance, when one is starting a brand, they try to be as creative as possible, but there is no way to know for sure whether the brand will be received well by the consumers. This is the type of background that Kate Hudson was welcomed to when she started her Fabletics line. To add to her challenges was the fact that industry giants in online details were the competition that she would have to take on when she started her brand. Despite the odds, she has managed to break even and even do much better than most of the leaders in digital sales. Even better is the fact that she has managed to create a cult like following for the clothes.

When she was starting the fashion line, the dream she had in mind was a fashion line that people would find fashionable but at the same time feel comfortable in when exercising. When a hi-fashion fashion line is being established, the two things that are looked into as the selling points include the value of the items and the cost. In many of the cases, the cost is directly proportional to the perceived value of the item in question. Kate decided that her selling point would be the creation of something that was unique and appropriate for the current fashion trends. She realized that this would not be enough and to have that competitive edge, she would have to combine the two factors with a positive customer experience. She came up with a business model whereby the cost of the item, the value and the design were exclusive and pleasant to the customer. Consequently, the brand was an instant hit.

The business strategy that the company has been used has been on many occasions compared to the Apple and Warby Parker experience. They started with one online store, but they have managed to spread their influence and open the stores in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois and Florida. Gregg Throgmartin, the head of sales at the company confides that the secret to their success has been their ability to create a brand that the customers would enjoy using, and at the same time extremely affordable for the user. As a result, customers are finding it possible to get parts of the brand in their wardrobe without having to lose all their savings in the process.


Show rooming is one marketing trick that has helped them get the success they are enjoying. Through the strategy, people that go online to shop normally look at the features of an item and the cost, then, they end up buying somewhere else where the cost is lower. Fabletics wanted their customer sale experience to be different in that retail would be part of their overall customer experience as opposed to being the only part. This has helped them create a capital base of millions of dollars and sales averaging quarter a million dollars each year.