Toronto Surgeon Dr. Cameron Clokie is the Trifecta of Brilliance

There are very few people on the planet that make a difference in multiple aspects. These individuals work their whole lives to make a good name for themselves. One of these amazing people is Dr. Cameron Clokie. He has been saving the structure of the human mouth for years and is an established maxillofacial and oral surgeon. He is well known for his skills in the musculoskeletal reconstruction arena. He may specialize in this, but he is also a dedicated scientist and CEO of a company called Induce Bioletics Inc.

What is stem cell therapy (regenerative medicine), and how does it work?

Dr. Clokie also specializes in advancing current stem cell therapy treatments. They also call it regenerative medication. They take cells that are donated and are injected into the patient who is sick with cancer, other disorders and injuries. It is extremely complex. It can also prevent having to find an organ donor. They are very difficult to find for certain conditions. These cells come from a group that are originally from one individual cell that has been curated in a laboratory. They keep growing healthily and are considered to be defect free from any genetic issues. They continue to grow into clusters and can be frozen so that other patients and researchers may use these healthy cells.

Working Hard to Pave the way to Success.

Doctor Clokie also refers to stem cell therapy as regenerative medicine. He has had success with some of his patients, but in general the rates of success are not that high yet, and too many patients are paying for private healthcare with no other options. At times it can make the injury or disease worse with methods that haven’t been proven in some institutions. He always puts the patient first and makes sure that regenerative medicine is the best option for the case at hand. It can be a difficult decision at times dealing with such traumatic injuries and diseases.

Some of the Best Uses for Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Clokie uses this type of therapy in some situations where the patient has been burned badly and can use healthy cells from that same patient to regrow new ones in the burnt areas. This happens generally if there isn’t enough skin to warrant a complete skin graft. It can also be helpful in patients with neurological issues and strokes. As far as his work as a maxillofacial and oral surgeon, he has been able to help many with their facial injuries. He continues to strive to enhance stem cell therapy each day to make the world a better place.