Trabucos Dominated Europe For 3 Centuries

The Trabuco is a surrounding weapon from the middle ages. The Trabuco was used to crush an enemy’s stone and brick walls or to throw objects over the wall.

The Trabuco originated in China based on During the crusades, Europeans used it as a terrifying and efficient weapon.

Differently, from catapults and similar weapons, the Trabuco does not use and complicated machinery. It became popular since it is easy to build and also easy to use. It also stands out from other weapons for being able to throw heavier objects much further.

A Trabuco uses the potential gravitational energy into kinetic energy. The counterweight of the weapon is directly proportional to the speed of the projectile being used. Physical principles can be observed through the use of this weapon.

The traction Trabuco was the first version that was operated by people. The Chinese army of had a very large Trabuco that required 250 people to operate it and it could throw a rock of over 140 pounds according to The Trabuco was able to be shot four times per minute and was used up until the 11th century. The challenge that operators faced was throwing all the projectiles exactly the same distance due to using cords with the Trabuco.

The hybrid Trabuco came into use when the traction Trabuco was taken to the middle east by adding a weight to the shorter arm, which added thrust to the weapon. There are records of a hybrid Trabuco from the 13th century that was able to throw 400-pound rocks into the walls of Damietta in Egypt.

During one of the crusades, the Europeans found a hybrid Trabuco and took it back to Europe, which gave birth to the counterweight Trabuco with better accuracy than the original Trabuco at

In the 13th century, the Trabucos were able to throw rocks that weighed more than a ton over great distances. Nevertheless, the Trabuco was used to throw objects such as cows, horses, barrels full of sand, human heads and even live prisoners as a means of ammunition.

The Trabuco was used throughout Europe for over a period of 300 years until it became obsolete with the advent of gunpowder. Read more on