USHEALTH Group and a Full Line of Flexible Insurance Coverage Options

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that prides itself on being represented by dedicated insurance agents that go the extra mile to make sure their customers have affordable insurance coverage. The agents at USHEALTH Group don’t stop at just making sure that a family or individual’s coverage is affordable, they make sure that the customer is thoroughly comfortable with the insurance plans and options that they are obtaining. Potential customers can get more familiar with USHEALTH Group by going to their website,, and click on the green button to request a quote. An agent will promptly give customers a call with insurance quote information, so customers can obtain accurate information about their insurance inquiries.


USHEALTH Group has a number of plans available to help individuals and families obtain the correct health insurance coverage. As a health insurance provider USHEALTH GROUP has earned the reputation of being the insurance provider with the smartest approach toward granting insurance coverage.


The USHEALTH Group family insurance plans are flexible options that families can depend on when they need them. The health group also gives families and customers the option to acquire more insurance coverage if they need it, and they do not have to submit additional paperwork to be approved by the underwriting department.


The USHEALTH Group family plans give customers satisfaction in three ways by providing three main functions. The USHEALTH Group way of doing business with customers enables them to provide innovative coverage solutions, they help customers make smart and beneficial decisions when coverage is applied for, and they provide convenient services that their customers can depend on.


Mr. Alan Freudenstein is the Director of USHEALTH Group and he has the responsibility of directing the company on a day to day basis. As the leader of USHEALTH Group, Mr. Freudenstein is primarily responsible for overseeing the operations of the company. The life insurance services and the accident and disability insurance divisions of the company are the main insurance focuses that USHEALTH Group concentrates on. More information about Mr. Freudenstein and his role with USHEALTH Group can be found online on the website. Use the company search feature on crunchbase to find out more about the company and additional insurance services that USHEALTH Group offers.

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