Vijay Eswaran has One Constructive Philosophy that Will Help your Business

Vijay Eswaran is a revered global entrepreneur. He is the founder of one QI Group , a conglomerate of five business units that spread across Asia , the United Arab Emirates , Singapore and Malaysia. Alongisde the business are five departments that cut across lifestyle, luxuries, training, conference evaluattion and internal retail as well as retail business.

Background Data

For Eswaran, business is the hallmark of every healthy economy. But for there to be an healthy economy, the engine of the business must put his clients and employees first. The statement service to others before self grately resonates with Vijay Eswaran in this case. To him, the success of business and a good example is his business, highly relies on his ability to care for others before considering the need to maximize profits.

QI Group and its Services

QI was established in 1998. Eswaran uses direct sales to reach his clients through a distributing platform that ensures every client is catered to. Currently , the business works with its affiliates to distribute exclusive products that cover a broad spectrum including personal and home care needs, energy products and personal nutrition.


To achieve all that he has in a short span of being in business , Vijay Eswaran holds onto various business philosophies that have since then, guided him into achieving excellent business ratings coupled with high service delivery skills.

Additional Information

Vijay Eswaran believes that the philosophy of puttig others before himself was imparted to him by his father. This is because even as a child, he was a dedicated individual who applied the philosophy in his dealings with others especially classmates. Now a successful business proffessional, Eswaran applies the same philosophy to run business in various parts of the world. What is more, he applies his entrepreneurial wealth of knowledge to accumulate tons of business ideas from his networks.

The Overview on Business

Perhaps the most fundamental lesson entrepreneurs can derive from Eswaran is the fact that business and its success rely on the skill set of an individual. Moreover, it takes courage and community service to succeed in implementing a business idea.