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Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as eCigs are devices that can be inhaled to produce vaporized nicotine and are operated with batteries. These devices are alternatives to regular cigarettes as they provide the sensation of smoking tobacco without actually having to be exposed to the smoke associated with smoking.

ECigs was launched in China in 2004 by a Golden Dragon Holding’s pharmacist known as Hon Lik. Golden Dragon which is currently known as Ruyan began exporting the product into major markets around the globe between 2005 and 2006. The United States has taken well to the product with a reported million users as of 2014. Herbert A. Gilbert was behind the idea of but was not able to come up with a patent for the product in 1963. He intended to come up with a product that would help addicts of cigarettes to quit smoking over time.

ECigs come in the form of a long tube that resembles a cigar, pipe or pen. The product is sold in a kit that usually consists of a mouthpiece where one inhales from, rechargeable battery that powers the heaters, heating system that heats the liquid in the pipe to produce the vapor, the liquid known as the e-juice containing a mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol, and an electronic route. Most of these products can be reused by refilling or replacing the mouthpiece on the pipes. There are more than 460 brands of Electronic Cigarettes in the market currently.

One of the many eCigs brands in O2Pur, a company run by Scott Barth. O2Pur provides a wide range of products including the nicotine salts product, the E-liquid made from nicotine products blended with methanol, nicotine batteries and pens, speed chargers with four charging ports, Box Kits, and a starter kip package for beginners.

The starter kit comes with instructions on how to use each of O2Pur products and a variety of products with a lower vapor range. The kit and all other Ecig products by O2Pur are sold at a reasonable prize in online shops as well as physical ones. Ecig products are only sold to individuals of legal age of more than twenty-one years.