Why Stem Cell Therapy Is the Most Viable Treatment for Lung Disease

Patients suffering from lung diseases finally have something to smile about. There has been significant progress in research and treatment of the disease, which ultimately gives patients renewed hope. Various medical institutions have developed stem cell remedies to aid patients to achieve improved quality of life and better health care. The procedure entails the use of stem cells to eradicate cancerous tissues from the patient’s body.

The treatment specifically uses adipose stem cells as a suitable alternative to managing the complications caused by lung disease. The cells extracted have the capacity to replace delicate lung tissues and promote quick recovery. More specifically, they promote healing by supplanting infected tissues with new cells and subduing the immune system’s response to the digestion of dying cells. Stem cells are sourced from the bone marrow and the adipose tissue.


The therapy involves the extraction of adipose tissues from an invasive liposuction within a short time. During the process, a small skin section is identified and numbed with an anesthetic to promote a moderate sedation. Afterward, the extracted cells are activated and intravenously infused back into the invalid. The therapy should last for five hours to achieve excellent results.

The Road to Recovery

The rate of recovery is varied depending on the uniqueness of each condition and the metabolic rate of each patient. However, most changes occur between three to six months. Patients are advised to seek adequate insight from their practitioner before proceeding with the procedure.

Side Effects Experienced

Just like other modes of treatment, stem cell therapy (watch this YouTube video) is plagued by several minor disorders that shouldn’t worry invalids. Such side effects range from slight fever, nausea, headache and minor swelling. Fortunately, such disorders typically last for 24 hours before normalcy resumes.

The Lung Institute in Brief

The Lung Institute is a top clinic specializing in stem cell treatment in the U.S. Since its inception, the medical institution has strives to meet the diverse needs of its esteemed clients. The facility goes above and beyond to thoroughly screen patients, evaluate their medical history and current condition to provide the best health care available.

The center currently operates in several locations across the U.S to reach a wider scope of customers. Treated patients have hailed the high levels of professionalism and expertise exhibited by the institution. Such feedback has cemented their status as reliable medical practitioners. Read their testimonials on lunginstitute.com.


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