Working Experience of James Dondero

Mr. Dondero started his life career in 1984. He worked as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty under a training program. During his study, he schooled in two institutes, The University of Virginia and McIntire the best kwon school of commerce. In the university, he majored in finance and accounting. In addition to that, he has skills as certified Accountant person who had the biggest advantage of using the Financial Analyst Charter. His good work is connected to $1 billion funds for American Express which he assisted in obtaining. Before that, he worked in the American Express. That is where he completed his training program in finance at JP Morgan.

James Dondero is a prime supporter and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., has donated millions in continues to Dallas-area nonprofits and charities. Jim Dondero is responsible in promoting educational to those living in the Dallas-Fort Worth places. His effort has resulted in a growing of partnerships and help like donations that continues to improve the lives of Dallas occupants.

Highland Capital Management, L.P is the largest company that has a collateralized loan rules in the U.S. estimated by dollar amount. At HCM Acquisition Company had him as a chairperson at one time. Mr. Dondero has more than three decades of experience in the credit markets. In this segment, he focused largely on high-yield and troubled to invest.

Under Mr. Dondero’s help, Highland Capital has been the best in both developing the Collateralized Loan market and advancing credit-arranged solutions for institutional and retail financial specialists around the world. Many families got the greatest the advantage of using the system which was aiming at improving the life of most people.

James also is well known in Protective Life’s GIC. In this company, he worked as chief investment officer. His best management and working experience include mortgage securities, and common stocks that are common to many people. All donations that are connected with Mr. Dondero’s management have won many accolades and awards during his working career. This is a great achievement that most do have in their career life.